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Document Your Tracks

Information is power. With the availability of tech devices and smartphones, people record video and audio files continuously. Non-stop content capture requires some form of organization. People, including firms, turn to transcription services online to assist them in utilizing recorded information.

From events, meetings and business transactions, and health documentation, companies increasingly require transcription for many reasons. One compelling need for audio transcription services is the need for documentation to avoid future lawsuits. In general, transcription allows you to be more thorough and avoid missing out on important details.

Transcription is used to create new information, package these into other forms of information, to better reflect on your thoughts around it. The most inexpensive way to fulfill your transcription requirements is to do it yourself and perhaps get yourself a foot pedal. Transcription courses are offered widely and your next option is to hire an independent contractor but that hardly assures you of quality, privacy and security


Why Hire Us For Transcription Services?

When accuracy and precision are vital, you want a high quality transcription service that you can rely on.
Our value proposition combines Talent, Process, Tech, Insights, and Security:

  • We take pride in our highly skilled and customer service oriented transcriptionists who have an average typing rate of 70wpm.
  • We deliver 99 percent accurate transcription.
  • We use technology to help guarantee the quality of transcribed work that you receive.
  • Our leaders can guide you on what transcription services you need to match your requirements, and which parts of your business may take advantage of these services.
  • We work in secure systems and environments to safeguard your information.

What Tasks Can Our Transcriptionists Perform For You?

Our team of expert transcriptionists can provide the following:

General Transcription

Transcription of Audio Files and Video Files

Legal Transcription

Medical Transcription

Fast and Overnight Transcription Services

Verbatim Transcription

What Happens When You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

  • We meet

    Whether via Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting or Skype, we can set a time and day to discuss your needs and your goals. Tell us about your requirements and we will tell you what we can do for you.
  • We assign the work to our transcription team.

    We will transcribe audio or transcribe video files, the output goes through a rigorous QA check before we deliver the final output to you.
  • We draft and sign a contract.

    We prepare a Service Level Agreement defining the scope of services you need, and the output you will receive.

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